Adult Programs

Download the FALL 2023 Adult Tennis Program

Adult Beginner
Never played tennis before? No problem! The goal of this program is to get you rallying and playing as quickly as possible so you can begin to enjoy the great game of tennis. Our Professional tennis staff will facilitate learning the basics of tennis, including proper stroke mechanics and rallying. Low compression balls may be used.

Adult Advanced Beginner
Returning to the sport of tennis after some time away? This class develops stroke consistency, works on understanding scoring, rallying and match play.

Adult Intermediate (former players of the game)
Build up your tennis game in our Intermediate clinic. This class focuses on drills and rallying to help develop skills and match tactics to take you to the next level. Improve stroke dependability, directional control, net play, and doubles strategy.

Cardio Tennis
This fun focused clinic includes hitting as many tennis balls as possible while incorporating a variety of tennis movements during a fast-paced, ball-feeding drill session. Get your heart pumping and work on your tennis game all at once! This class is appropriate for players at the advanced beginner level and above.

High Intensity Cardio Tennis
Very fast and intense drills incorporating footwork and point play. No beginners.

Footworks 1.0
This fitness class focuses on building core and leg strength. Drills to make you faster and stronger on the tennis court. Many drills are based on changing direction quickly and efficiently. In the class, you will not hit any tennis balls, but make sure you bring your racquet for stroke production and visualization. Please bring a refillable water bottle, towel, and tennis racquet. Please bring lots of water and a towel!

You can download and watch the short video clips (linked below) to get an idea about what to expect during this class:

Adult Camp
Build your consistency skills through rallying, skill development, and point play. Emphasis will be on repetitive actions to reinforce skills. This camp is for intermediate to advanced level players (USTA rating 3.5 or above).

Weekend Warriors
Start the weekend in a high-paced, high-energy clinic with the goal of hitting as many balls as possible while also focusing on movement and court positioning. This class is for 3.0/3.5 intermediate-level players. Ask the FITshop to be added to the distribution list.

Men’s Drill
The Men’s Clinic is geared for the player who has achieved stroke dependability and direction on shots within reach, including forehand and backhand volleys and doubles strategy. Emphasis will be placed on more aggressive net play, footwork skills to improve court coverage, and focus on groundstroke specifics (control, direction, depth, and power). Make sure to bring water and wear appropriate tennis shoes that have a low profile and a wide outer base at the toe. No running shoes please.

Instructed Match Play
Instructed Match play is designed to help players learn strategies while playing. Pros will give advice, create strategies and help navigate challenging situations.

  • Class Policies & Procedures
  • Sign Up
  • All participants must be registered before they can attend a class. If you are making up a class, you must call ahead for space availability.
  • All tennis players will be health screened and temperature checked at the Front Desk before each class and entering tennis courts.
  • Anyone not willing to comply with our policies will be asked to leave.
  • Please come ready to play with a water bottle, non-marking tennis shoes, and a racquet. Tennis racquets are available in the FITshop for rent or purchase.

If you’d like to sign up, give the FITshop a call at 603-643-3627 or email

Permanent court time and league opportunities are still available for the upcoming session. Please contact Tammy Arado at