Get Fit.
Have Fun.

Adult Programs

We offer a wide variety of programs for adults, from beginner to advanced, we have a program that will match you with other like-skilled players.

Junior Programs

From four years old through high school age, RVC Tennis is where your children can learn the skills to become a skilled tennis player and have fun at the same time.

Private Lessons

The best way to develop your skills. Our team of USTPA/USPTR Tennis Professionals are dedicated to serve your tennis needs, whatever they may be.

Court Time

For you and your tennis friends. You can set up permanent court time on one of our four courts. We provide all players with a fun, safe, and inclusive environment.


RVC Tennis is dedicated to addressing the tennis needs of everyone in the Upper Valley.


Our community is constantly growing! This is a number we are so proud of. You are why we are succesfull!



Please help us in donating all your used or dead tennis balls to the green bins on the courts.



We have a thriving community of older Tennis members, with weekly matches, lessons, and more!



Our programs for juniors are world-class and spots fill up fast! Visit the Junior programs page for info.


We have four indoor tennis courts available for open court for Tennis or Pickleball. Contact us to set up your account/login info.


Located in the River Valley Club.

Play your favorite sport year-round with our four indoor, Deco-Turf court surfaces. New to tennis? It’s easy to get in the game at RVC. We offer leagues, lessons and programming for all ages and abilities.

RVC Tennis is dedicated to addressing the tennis needs of everyone in the Upper Valley. We are equipped to provide you and your family with a fun, safe environment and top-notch instruction from both USPTA and USPTR Certified Tennis Professionals.


Don't take our word for it, take it from our members!

Tennis MemberDaniel Rockmore

My family and I love playing tennis at RVC. The facility is great and the pros are fantastic!

Tennis MemberSteven Maker

I’ve been a big RVC Tennis fan from the moment I started tennis in a beginner clinic. The excellence of instruction and the scope of offerings, from lessons to clinics to team practices to USTA matches, have moved my game along through level after level. Tennis at RVC is a blast!

Tennis MemberRobert Nabinger

Tammy is a great tennis instructor.  I have been participating in her clinics for a couple of years and I have improved my game as a result.

Tennis MemberSae-Im Smith

I learned how to play tennis at RVC Tennis at a ripe old age of 45.  I wasn’t sure if I could learn anything new and thought it might be just a phase for me.  Now, 10 years later, tennis has become part of my life.

Tennis MemberJen Gantrish

If you want to take your tennis game to the next level, work with the tennis pros at the RVC!  I’ve grown from a baseline player to being eager to come to net.  It’s always a fun and friendly atmosphere on the courts at RVC!

Tennis MemberDebbie Williamson

I have worked with Tammy, Chad, and Josh privately and in clinics; I always feel challenged and find myself constantly learning new aspects of the game.  Of course, now it is up to me to execute their instruction, a task that keeps me coming back to the courts for more!

Tennis MemberLori Siegel

Tammy, Chad, Josh, and Dave all push us to be our best selves. They teach us to compete with ourselves, to be proud of our accomplishments but to also always recognize potential to improve, and most importantly, to enjoy the process. I am so grateful to this group for what they have given to me and to my family over the years.

Tennis MemberAli Ashare

The tennis professionals at RVC helped to reintroduce me to the game, but when Tammy came to RVC in 2017, she really took my game to a different level. She wasted no time making technical changes to my strokes. She understood my background and my goals and developed an individualized approach to help me achieve those goals.

Tennis MemberAileen Chaltain

Truly a sport for all ages, I came to tennis in my late fifties. Tammy and the RVC Tennis program have shown me how much fun it is to learn this amazing sport. They encourage me to get to the level I want to be at by participating in clinics, lessons, being a member of an RVC USTA team and by just having fun playing with the numerous friends I have made here. RVC Tennis is most definitely my happy place!

Tennis MemberFiona Heaney

The Upper Valley tennis community is very fortunate to have the River Valley Club open for tennis under the exemplary leadership of Tammy Arado. At this extraordinary time in our lives when we feel housebound and vulnerable, the RVC tennis program safely allows us to check the important boxes of social time, exercise and mental health, while maintaining safe distancing and mask-wearing.

Tennis MemberSalvatore Costa

We started at RVC tennis for a few lessons for our daughter, but before long our whole family was hooked on playing!